Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weekly Updates: 20 + 21 weeks

This time I'll have to do a combined update because I'm WAAAAYYYY behind as always. *blush* The balcony blog is taking up most of my blogging time at the moment (and I have less blogging time as it is during the summer)

20 weeks

21 weeks

This is what I do instead of journal wrecking these days!
(at least ONE of the things I do)

Crossword puzzles is a summer thing for me, just like jigsaw puzzles belong between Christmas and New Years. I guess the difference is that it's a lot easier to carry around the crossword puzzle and solve it outdoors as well. That's just a liiiitle bit tricky with jigsaw puzzles. LOL


Dustbunnie said...

Well I guess it's in a way a good thing not to do too much journal wrecking because then you'll just finish too soon. :o)

Annefia said...

I guess that's a good way to see it. LOL And after all, when I'm done with the journal wrecking I will close this blog.

Felicity said...

Hi there Fia! I am so excited at the moment. Hubby has ordered me one of these journals too! We found out that a local site that he usually uses to order my sims games has the very same "WTJ". So it will be arriving in about 2 weeks. He is also going to leave his digital camera with me so that I can use it to take pics. I just have to go now and open up a new WTJ blog.
Lots of love and hugs to you!

Annefia said...

Oh, how exciting!!! I've really missed having a fellow wrecker since my other fellow wreckers have given up on this project. Maybe this could inspire me to be a bit more active again too?