Saturday, August 29, 2009

Weekly Updates: 24 + 25 weeks

Guess what? I've done some wrecking again!!! Not much but STILL!

Writing backwards (and mirrored)

Mirrored image to make it easier to read,
but still a bit weird. LOL

I'm NOT doing the translation backwards! LOL

Time to get some wrecking done again

Ooops i was only going to write backwards, this probably turned out mirrored as well

24 weeks

25 weeks

At the moment I'm adding a banana sticker/week to the cover. LOL Bananas are the only fruit that comes with stickers at the moment. And none of the fresh berries my mom has picked have any stickers either. LOL

The front cover is getting a bit full now (there's a sticker with text below the cat that doesn't show up very well on photos)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Weekly Updates: 22 + 23 weeks

I guess I've gotten in to the habit of updating every other week right now. There's a lot of things going on IRL that eats away on my time and energy.

22 weeks

23 weeks

The really great news is that I've actually done some wrecking today! Yay! I felt that I need to get back to wrecking again so I decide to do a simple exercise.

First I picked up the journal with my arms from the table and then I picked it up from the floor with my feet and flung it on the couch next to me. (The little drawings are mine)

Pale, swollen feet. Yuck! But they're clean and odor free at least. LOL

A little hint to other wreckers that also suffers from pain and aches in feet and legs due to medical problems. Don't do this! It's really painful!

I'm still proud of myself for succeeding but the clever solution to this exercise would of course be to ask someone to pick it up with THEIR hands. That wouldn't have involved MY hands at all but it would have been less painful. (It would also have saved me from showing this embarrassing photo of my pale and swollen feet. LOL)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Yay! A fellow wrecker!

I've really missed having a fellow wrecker to share this experience with, it's much more fun that way. But my old fellow wreckers have taken a lot longer breaks than I have (so I really SHOULDN'T feel guilty for only updating once a week, I AM still updating after all) so I've been a lone for a while now.

But recently a friend of mine has gotten brainwashed and she's both ordered a journal of her own and started a new blogg for it.

Felicity's Wreck This Journal

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weekly Updates: 20 + 21 weeks

This time I'll have to do a combined update because I'm WAAAAYYYY behind as always. *blush* The balcony blog is taking up most of my blogging time at the moment (and I have less blogging time as it is during the summer)

20 weeks

21 weeks

This is what I do instead of journal wrecking these days!
(at least ONE of the things I do)

Crossword puzzles is a summer thing for me, just like jigsaw puzzles belong between Christmas and New Years. I guess the difference is that it's a lot easier to carry around the crossword puzzle and solve it outdoors as well. That's just a liiiitle bit tricky with jigsaw puzzles. LOL