Thursday, July 23, 2009

Weekly Update - 19 weeks +

*tiptoes in* *hopes no one notices that this weeks update is late*

Oh, are you here already? Late??? How? Me??? No! Never!!! Okay, maybe a little bit then... but it's not my fault it's the... eh... internet connect... eh maybe not... the weather... eh... well... someone else's... okay... maybe it IS my fault... SORRY!!!

Anyway, I have some sad news for you! It's the end of an era!!! The fruit sticker page is full! :o( I know you will all miss it badly!

Look! All full!

But the things is that I can't just stop collecting fruit stickers now so I decidde to use the idea I came up with last week; from now on the fruit stickers will be glued on the cover instead.

Look! Not full yet!

Plenty of space left and now the cover will actually change every week as well. Yay! This blog will all of a sudden be sooooo much more interesting. LOL

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Time for some old stuff!

Phew! It's a good thing that I have some "Old Stuff" to show you when I'm too lazy to take photos of the weekly update (I photographed all the olds stuff a log time ago). It's also good to use it as a "filler" when I'm to lazy (or busy) to do actual wrecking to show you. The summer just isn't the best wrecking time for me. I'm too busy at the moment. But don't worry, I haven't given up on the journal yet, you can just se it as a bit of vacation.

Anyway, this is the last old stuff I have to show you so I'd better get my act together later. LOL

These are some cats I panted with oil pastel crayons back in -93. Oil pastels aren't my kind of medium. I like things that are more precise like watercolor or pencils.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Weekly Update - 18 weeks

Time for another ones of these. And yes, now my internet connection SHOULD be properly fixed!

As you can see the internet connection isn't the only thing that's been fixed, I've also fixed up the poor turquoise flower a bit.

LOTS of new green apple stickers! This page is soon full, I wonder what I will do then? I don't want to stop collecting fruit stickers until I've finished the journal (and at the speed I'm wrecking at the moment this will take quite some time). Maybe I should glue them to the cover instead? That should save up on photos I have to show in my weekly update. LOL

The stamp page is far from full though. I'm eating loads of fruits but I don't get as many mails with stamps (not even if I include the ugly not-really-stamp-looking ones)

BTW,I'm saving the post cards in the journal as well. They're a part of the history.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

No English stamp!

Nooooo! Look what the evil British post office has done! This isn't a stamp! Stamps are not supposed to look like THIS! *sob* LOL Of course I will still put it in the journal though. It might not LOOK like a stamp but it sure worked like one. And it will also fill up a lot of space. LOL

I'm as thrilled about the content as I was with the Danish stamps but it's way too off topic this time too.and this time you can't even take comfort in looking at pretty stamps. You poor things! I wonder if I will lose and readers because if this ugly non-stamp? *worried* LOL

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Weekly Update - 17 weeks +

At least it isn't MY fault this time that the weekly update is late, VERY late. In fact it's time for a new one again tomorrow. Ooops! LOL But since my camera and my internet connection are in no way related the photos were actually taken in time (besides the Danish stamp one that was taken this Monday but I'm sneaking it in here anyway LOL).

The poor turquoise flower is getting more and more messed up for every week now. Poor, poor flower! And even the ugly pink flower in the corner has gotten a touch of something since it's started to look a bit loop sided.

The beloved fruit sticker page has been updated with some new apple stickers (and maybe a banana sticker as well, I don't remember any more) And I've got some new stickers that I need to put in before the week 18 update as well.

Last week I got a post card from my mom with a new stamp. Isn't Sweden a beautiful country? I like that the stamp page is inspiring people to actually send post cards again. People (including myself) never do that anymore (at least not as long as you don't go abroad on vacation) Post cards and real snail mail letters are a dying form of communication, stamps are really expensive and e-mails are a lot faster. I used to send loads of post cars and looong letters before, but instead I send loadse-mails these days. In many ways a prefer e-mails, faster and cheaper is really good in this case, but real post cards are a lot prettier.

An talking about stamps, I've gotten my Danish stamps!!! I've gotten my Danish stamps!!! *dances around* Not I'm not completely crazy (only about 50%) I'm not THAT ecstatic over the stamps, I'm that ecstatic over the content they brought to me. Unfortunately for you that content is too off topic to belong in this blog, but at least you get to see the stamps LOL

BTW, my internet connection is far from fixed so I might disappear again because of it.

Internet problems and a new wrecker

I've had problems with my internet for quite some time now. But of course it's just started to work in time BEFORE the technician will arrive.

I'm WAY behind with my weekly update because of this (as in almost a week late) but I'll try to post it today (as long as my internet connection will last)

I DO have SOME news though, my sister-in-law has started to wreck her own journal and has just opened a blog of her own Fay's Wreck Journal (in Swedish though so some of you might feel left out, but I promise to compensate you with fruit stickers and stamps LOL)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sweet smelling flowers!

Doesn't this page look pretty? It smells just as wonderful as well!

My original idea for this page (one of the first I planned when I got the journal in March) was to cover it with rose petals since I LOVE the smell of roses. But I changed my mind and used dried Mock-Oranges instead (Schersmin for Swedish readers).

These flowers are picked on a very wonderful family picnic last week and I wanted to keep them as a memory. My apartment have smelled absolutely wonderful for several days and even as dried they still smell lovely, just weaker.

The background is a lovely addition caused buy this page.