Saturday, August 15, 2009

Weekly Updates: 22 + 23 weeks

I guess I've gotten in to the habit of updating every other week right now. There's a lot of things going on IRL that eats away on my time and energy.

22 weeks

23 weeks

The really great news is that I've actually done some wrecking today! Yay! I felt that I need to get back to wrecking again so I decide to do a simple exercise.

First I picked up the journal with my arms from the table and then I picked it up from the floor with my feet and flung it on the couch next to me. (The little drawings are mine)

Pale, swollen feet. Yuck! But they're clean and odor free at least. LOL

A little hint to other wreckers that also suffers from pain and aches in feet and legs due to medical problems. Don't do this! It's really painful!

I'm still proud of myself for succeeding but the clever solution to this exercise would of course be to ask someone to pick it up with THEIR hands. That wouldn't have involved MY hands at all but it would have been less painful. (It would also have saved me from showing this embarrassing photo of my pale and swollen feet. LOL)


Felicity said...

I am so glad to see that you have managed to do some more on your wrecking! But, Oh my goodness Fia! This exercise must have been painful. I am glad you warned me too! I have a problem too with my feet and legs and KNEES! But, you know what, if you can manage to do it...when I get to that page, I am going to do it to and take a picture as well!

You did well, and you have nothing to be embarrased about! My feet are OLDER and more swollen too! LOL...

Annefia said...

Be careful though Felicity, it's the journals we're supposed to break, not our own bodies. LOL On the other hand the purpose with this IS to challenge one self.

(I of course picked the photo where the feet looked the least swollen and it wasn't a "bad day")

Uniflame said...

Next time pick the journal up with your mouth instead :)

Annefia said...

I didn't even THINK about using my mouth! LOL Probably becuase I thought I had to pick it up from the floor (which I of course didn't have to)