Saturday, August 29, 2009

Weekly Updates: 24 + 25 weeks

Guess what? I've done some wrecking again!!! Not much but STILL!

Writing backwards (and mirrored)

Mirrored image to make it easier to read,
but still a bit weird. LOL

I'm NOT doing the translation backwards! LOL

Time to get some wrecking done again

Ooops i was only going to write backwards, this probably turned out mirrored as well

24 weeks

25 weeks

At the moment I'm adding a banana sticker/week to the cover. LOL Bananas are the only fruit that comes with stickers at the moment. And none of the fresh berries my mom has picked have any stickers either. LOL

The front cover is getting a bit full now (there's a sticker with text below the cat that doesn't show up very well on photos)


Uniflame said...

Nice :) I still need to do that page as well.

Annefia said...

That's an easy one. I'm sticking to the easy ones rigth now to get back in to wrecking. But I'm just very busy right now.

Felicity said...

Oh goodness, I have been bypassing that page too! I am still deciding what I want to write there! I think I am ALSO sticking to the easy ones right now. LOL!

Annefia said...

Well, you've just started. You've got plenty of time left Felicity.

I started working on a more difficult one yesterday (not difficult as in hard work, but one that I've been postponing)