Saturday, February 28, 2009

And so it all begins...

Welcome to my brand new blog!

This blog is created as a way to document my journal wrecking. Who knows, I might decide to add other creative projects as well, but the journal wrecking will be the main focus.

So what IS "Wreck This Journal" you might ask? Well, it's both a book and a creative and artistic challenge.

To explain things as basic as possible, you buy this book (not very expensive luckily) and then you destroy it, in various creative ways. LOL Yes, I know it sounds insane but if your read the links below or just follow this blog it will make more sense after a while.

It will still take some days before my book arrives though. Waiting, waiting! But if you're really curious you can visit my friend Uniflame's blog.

BTW, even though I'm Swedish I will only blog in English but you will probably notice a Swedish word or two in my journal and if you prefer to comment in Swedish (or Danish or Norwegian) that's okay too.

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