Monday, March 2, 2009

It's black! It's black!

I can't believe it's BLACK!

I'm talking about the layout of course. LOL

I've created countless of homepages, blogs and forums since I made my first home page 11 years ago and this is the first time I've done what I promised myself then that I would NEVER do. I've just created a BLACK layout!

*taking a short break to allowing people that know me to recover from fainting*

Black just isn't my color at all and black layouts are usually both dark, boring and hard to read. And not to mention all kind of weird black homepages I ran in to back in 1998. (I promise, there will at least not be any animated flags or spinning skulls here LOL)

The thing is that the Journal it self is black and will be filled with all the colors of the rainbows, hence the layout theme. And the purpose with Wreck This Journal is to challenge myself to do new and different things creatively so why not take the challenge even further?

So here I am now with a black layout that still manages to be both fun, colorful and easy to read. What can I say, it's never to late to change. LOL I hope you'll like it!


Uniflame said...

You have a great layout!

Now I need to find out how to make a linktrade on this thing ;)

Annefia said...

Thanks! :o)

If you go to "Layout" and then "Add a Gadget" you can add a "Link List" to your blog.

Uniflame said...

Yeah I did find it already! Thanks though!