Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Weekly Update - 17 weeks +

At least it isn't MY fault this time that the weekly update is late, VERY late. In fact it's time for a new one again tomorrow. Ooops! LOL But since my camera and my internet connection are in no way related the photos were actually taken in time (besides the Danish stamp one that was taken this Monday but I'm sneaking it in here anyway LOL).

The poor turquoise flower is getting more and more messed up for every week now. Poor, poor flower! And even the ugly pink flower in the corner has gotten a touch of something since it's started to look a bit loop sided.

The beloved fruit sticker page has been updated with some new apple stickers (and maybe a banana sticker as well, I don't remember any more) And I've got some new stickers that I need to put in before the week 18 update as well.

Last week I got a post card from my mom with a new stamp. Isn't Sweden a beautiful country? I like that the stamp page is inspiring people to actually send post cards again. People (including myself) never do that anymore (at least not as long as you don't go abroad on vacation) Post cards and real snail mail letters are a dying form of communication, stamps are really expensive and e-mails are a lot faster. I used to send loads of post cars and looong letters before, but instead I send loadse-mails these days. In many ways a prefer e-mails, faster and cheaper is really good in this case, but real post cards are a lot prettier.

An talking about stamps, I've gotten my Danish stamps!!! I've gotten my Danish stamps!!! *dances around* Not I'm not completely crazy (only about 50%) I'm not THAT ecstatic over the stamps, I'm that ecstatic over the content they brought to me. Unfortunately for you that content is too off topic to belong in this blog, but at least you get to see the stamps LOL

BTW, my internet connection is far from fixed so I might disappear again because of it.


Dustbunnie said...

I know what the Danish stamps brought you. *Giggles*

Annefia said...

I wonder how???? LOL