Thursday, July 23, 2009

Weekly Update - 19 weeks +

*tiptoes in* *hopes no one notices that this weeks update is late*

Oh, are you here already? Late??? How? Me??? No! Never!!! Okay, maybe a little bit then... but it's not my fault it's the... eh... internet connect... eh maybe not... the weather... eh... well... someone else's... okay... maybe it IS my fault... SORRY!!!

Anyway, I have some sad news for you! It's the end of an era!!! The fruit sticker page is full! :o( I know you will all miss it badly!

Look! All full!

But the things is that I can't just stop collecting fruit stickers now so I decidde to use the idea I came up with last week; from now on the fruit stickers will be glued on the cover instead.

Look! Not full yet!

Plenty of space left and now the cover will actually change every week as well. Yay! This blog will all of a sudden be sooooo much more interesting. LOL


Felicity said...

Hi Fia, I hope you dont mind me leaving a comment, or even reading your blog.
I just wanted to say that I love this "Wreck this journal" idea. We dont have such a thing in South Africa. It looks like a lot of fun.

Annefia said...

Felicity!!! Hi!!!! ((((Felicity))))

OF COURSE I don't mind! I'm happy to see you (I wouldn't link to my blogs if they were secrets, would I? LOL) Feel free to read and comment as much as you want to! :o)

I don't think journal wrecking is that common here either. It's not something typical Swedish. But if you're interested has the book for sale (link in my side bar)