Saturday, July 11, 2009

Weekly Update - 18 weeks

Time for another ones of these. And yes, now my internet connection SHOULD be properly fixed!

As you can see the internet connection isn't the only thing that's been fixed, I've also fixed up the poor turquoise flower a bit.

LOTS of new green apple stickers! This page is soon full, I wonder what I will do then? I don't want to stop collecting fruit stickers until I've finished the journal (and at the speed I'm wrecking at the moment this will take quite some time). Maybe I should glue them to the cover instead? That should save up on photos I have to show in my weekly update. LOL

The stamp page is far from full though. I'm eating loads of fruits but I don't get as many mails with stamps (not even if I include the ugly not-really-stamp-looking ones)

BTW,I'm saving the post cards in the journal as well. They're a part of the history.

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