Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fruit stickers and journal golf!

Aaaah, finally time for some fruit stickers again! :o) I just KNOW how much you've missed them. LOL But since the stickers needed to spill over to the left side now I first needed to finish the journal golf challenge on the other side of that page.

I started off with putting the journal on the table and tried to flick the ball through with my fingers. That worked after a couple of tries (it takes quite bit of force to make it go all the way through actually) But kicking the ball through the journal with my foot was just impossible. The journal kept sliding and there's no way to get enough force to make the ball go all the way through without missing the narrow opening. I've never been that much a of ball person and socks on a slippery floor didn't help much either. But the finger-flicking could still be considered "hitting" so that will have to do for this challenge.

A failed finger flicking attempt, but it still made for a cool photo

Yes, I have striped socks. LOL And you would wear thick socks too if you had to endure this cold, rainy, misty so called "summer". *shudder*

I glued the page back in to the journal afterwards.

And FINALLY, the much awaited fruit sticker page - now on the left side as well. And guess what, it seems like the cheap store could afford to put stickers on some of their fruits as well now. Way to go cheap store! (I just hope it doesn't increase their prices)


Dustbunnie said...

Very cute socks! I love them.

Annefia said...

Thanks! My mom's knitted them for me. I only knit itty, bitty, tiny socks. LOL