Thursday, June 4, 2009

Weekly Update - 13 weeks

I guess It'll have to post a blank photo now when the journal is gone. LOL I need SOMETHING to post for week 13 in my weekly update list after all. So here it is, a photo of my empty living room table. LOL

The journal has gone to live with my mom for a week. One of the exercises is to hang the journal in a public place and invite people to draw in it. Since I'm retired due to my health problems I don't have access to any good public place like a work place or anything like that and it wouldn't feel right just to hang to journal outside as a fragile victim to weather and complete (and unreliable) strangers.

Instead I've asked my mom to take the journal with her to her weaving class today and ask her fellow weavers to draw something for me. They're still strangers to me but the journal will be in safe hands so I know it will not be completely ruined or stolen. Phew!

So no cover photo today and no fruit sticker photo either. Sad, so sad! LOL I DO have some new fruit stickers to glue in the the journal when I get it back though (and of course the leaves from yesterday as well) I know you're all looking forward to seeing them. LOL

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