Thursday, June 11, 2009

Weekly Update - 14 weeks

Yay, this week the journal is at home again for the weekly update. I can't believe it's been 14 weeks already, that's more than three months! (I got the journal March 5th) And while I don't wreck as much as I did in the beginning when I sometimes updated the blog several times a day I still enjoy this experience very much. It's given me a lot and the journal is very dear to me (ackkk, I still have some destructive stuff left to do to it. *shudder*)

The cover of the journal hasn't changed much since last time you saw it, the paper chain is a bit flatter and the ant that still has a head is about to lose it. (Eh, if you're new to this blog, those black "thingies" next to the title once looked like ants. LOL) But then again it looks A LOT different since last week's kind of invisible update. LOL

And lookie, lookie, I've finally been able to start on the stamp page. Yay! With ONE entire stamp! LOL This page will be really hard to do since it's supposed to be stamps that I've actually gotten on mails and I want it to be stamps I've actually gotten during the wrecking period. So far I've gotten this stamp, and this stamp only. After all these days you mostly get e-mails instead of snail-mails and the only thing that arrives in my physical mail box are bills and the paper version of spam, both of these come with out stamps. I think I might have to puppyeye more people in to sending me postcards with stamps for this page. *tilts my head and tries to look really cute with large, begging doggy eyes*

Oh, on a side note, my washing machine all of a sudden decided to start working again last weeek, I mean in case you've woried about it. LOL


Eliza said...

OH MY GOD i just LOVE your blog! I can't believe you're 40! XD At first I thought like, wow, she's like, 23 or something, well, you write as one - with humor-. (No offense, it's a compliment)

I laughed my ass off all the time reading your hilarious post, you brainwashe..-INSPIRED me to buy one too! I ordered my WTJ and it's being delivered next week or so. PLEASE go on with your blog,

greetings from Holland!(don't mind my bad English please)

xxx Eliza

PS: My half-sister (daughter of my father and his previous wife) is Swedish too! :D Now I can show off the words I learned from this blog! Thanks!

Annefia said...

Welcome Eliza! I'm glad you like my blog and that I've been able to brainwash you in to getting your own journal. LOL You will give me the link if your create a blog for it, right? (Your current URL made me laugh. LOL)

No offense taken at all about the age thing. I've heard that I don't look 40 either. But the good thing is that you don't stop being crazy no matter your age, you continue to be YOU even though the years pass. You might mature a bit and become a bit wiser but you don't have to lose you fun side or your personality. I have two just as fun and crazy friends aged 47 and 56 (which you wouldn't believe at all if you knew them. LOL) Sounds promising for the future, doesn't it? LOL

How fun that you can use my "Swedish Lesson" to impress on your half sister.