Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Stamps and stickers!

I've started to feel sorry for you. It was a loooooong time since I showed you the fruit sticker page now, wasn't it? I'm sure you all miss it badly so here it is! LOL

One new banana sticker and a whole bunch of apple stickers!

This Monday I got a post card from Rome (It's Fontana di Trevi and a kittycat) and a new post card of course means a nice new ITALIAN stamp for my stamp page. *jumpsofjoy* LOL

Look! Now I've got TWO!!!

And I'm also expecting stamps from both Denmark and England that I'm looking VERY much forward too. Eh well, maybe it's not so much the actual stamps that I'm looking so much forward to but the contents of the packages the stamps in question will bring to me. LOL

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Unknown said...

you designed it really very creative stickers . . don't Waste Stickers