Sunday, May 31, 2009

A bit tied up

I was visiting my mom yesterday and I thought it was a great opportunity to pic some leaves and flowers for the "dried leaves"-page (After all, she's got a woodland garden and I've only got a balcony). I decided to put the leaves inside the journal to keep them nice, flat and undamaged on the way home and to keep them from falling out I tied up the journal a bit. Now it looks like a tied up pork roast, poor thing. LOL

I almost wish I could keep the journal tied up until the ned of the week because it would be a great photo for the weekly update but I've got other plans for the journal for this week that requires that I untie it. More about those plans later though.

BTW, my mom and I sang a bit together yesterday. I really DO sing a lot more these days thanks to this journal wrecking. It might be a small change to others but it means a lot to me since I'm finding pieces of myself that got lost during my marriage. Yay for journal wrecking!!!

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