Sunday, May 3, 2009

Contemplating the future of the blog

Don't worry, this isn't one of those "taking a break" or "closing down the blog" messages. It's just me thinking out load about what to do with the blog once I've finished the journal.

The thing is that when I started this blog I decided to close it again when I'd finished wrecking the journal, since this is a very limited theme blog (even if I'm sneaking in a few other things as well) Now there's still plenty of "wrexercises" to do (and one of the involved rose petals which I'll not be able to get my hands on for quite a while yet) and there's also still a lot of "old stuff" to add so there's no immediate threat to the blog yet. But at the same time, I've started to see how more and more of the pages in the journal are getting finished so I know we're getting there in a while and this have made me think.

This IS a limited theme blog so it WILL have fulfilled it's purpose when I'm done with the journal. But at the same time I feel that even to I might be done with the journal I might not be done with the blog at the same time. I LIKE this blog! It's fun and inspiring to work with and hopefully it's also inspiring to the reader. I know this isn't the most visited blog around, but I've never aimed for it to be (after all, I haven't actually advertised it a lot or done anything particular top attract readers) but I still have a group of people reading it, and most of all, I'm doing this for myself, as a way to document my wrecking and maybe a bit of the creative journey I'm going through (and maybe even a bit about the rest of the stuff the journal wrecking awakens in me). Everyone else reading the blog is just a big bonus (and it helps me feeling less crazy than I would do if I were JUST talking to myself. LOL)

Sooo, the way I feel about the blog right now I'm not sure I WANT to close it down in a couple of months when the journal wrecking is over and all the old stuff is posted. But the problem is that I don't know what to use if for afterwards... Getting another journal? Come up with another creative project that fits this blog? Or change the blog completely to fit some of my other hobbies? (In that case it's probably better to start a brand new blog and leave this one untouched though) I don't know yet but hopefully I will come up with some answers before I've finished the journal.

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