Friday, May 1, 2009

Worm food!

Since I live in an apartment these days I don't have a compost of my own any more (Oh how I miss my garden at this time of the year) so I decided to borrow one of my mom's compost bins for the composting challenge.

I only ripped out the left page (the back side of the right page will be used in another challenge). Note the worm on the right (bottom) page.

Here's the page is the compost bin. Can you see the worm? My mom thought that since it was a worm on the other page it was important to have one on this page as well. My mom is proud of her worms! *giggle*

Bye, bye little page!

Before we left my mom had made sure to hide the worms again from the blackbird that was watching hungrily at them from a nearby tree. My mom really cares about her little worms! (And yes, as a former garden owner I DO know that worms are very useful both in the compost and in the rest of the garden. But I never fuzzed QUITE as much over my worms. LOL)

I've asked my mom to continue to take pictures of this page before it's completely turned in to worm food. I wonder if the worms will think it tastes bitter too?

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