Saturday, May 9, 2009

Weekly Update - 9 weeks +

I know, I know, I'm a little bit late with this update. But the photos are taken the right day and I've managed to finish the birthday "things" which is what matters. I also doubt that no one else, other than me, REALLY cares what day I post the weekly update. LOL (I even doubt that most people care IF I post it or not. LOL)

The last week have actually felt pretty long though. Maybe because I'm two days late? LOL I still haven't done much wrecking (other than the composting which Mother Nature and the worms take care of themselves) but I HAVE been able to do things that I consider to be "side effects" even though it's not of the kind of things I can post in the blog. But let's just say that I've started to act on some of the insights the journal wrecking have given me.

Anyway, here is how the journal looks now. Notice the poor headless ant! LOL

And look!!! I've updated the fruit sticker page!!! I was lucky enough to find five blue apple stickers this week. (And the apples are really good as well! LOL) So this week I don't have to show you my fruit basket. (On the other hand that might be a pity since it looks a lot more esthetically interesting than last week when both the mangos and the papaya looked liked pears. LOL)

As a little side note: Where IS everybody these days? Less visitors, A LOT less comments and my fellow wreckers have been way too silent. You're not out enjoying the sun and the spring are you??? LOL


Sandy said...

Hi Fia!

I'm one of your visitors, and I'm here! (I'm Sandy, from the Sims... I precise because you can't recognize me with this huge anti-brainwashing helmet I have on the head!)
I was curious to see how and what you were doing, and so have been reading your blog. You're still so creative! I hope you're doing well. I miss you!
Happy birthday to your mom, I'm sure you'll have spoiled her. :)
Biiiiiiiiiiig huuuugs and with few kisses on cheeks -those french, you know... *rolleyes*

Annefia said...

Sandy!!!!!!!!! BIG HUGS!!!! I miss you too!!! How are you doing?

And you really DO need that helmet to protect you against my brainwashing skills because journal wrecking is so fun that I try to brainwash everybody in to doing it. Muahahaha!

Annefia said...

I forgot: Even mooooore hugs!!!!!

Sandy said...

*bounce*bounce* It's great to hear from you!! HUUUUUUUUUUGS!
Oh, I know how powerful your brainwashing can be, that's why I'm prudent with my helmet! *lol*
I'm fine, still in Sims (1 and 2, and soon 3...). I had a break on forums (pretty long) but came back recently, a little bit, to SimsPixels. But I missed you too much, so I tracked you down! (you know you can't really escape from me! *lol*)
You should send me some of your worms, they seem terribly efficient! The ones I have in the compost still haven't completly eaten the tomatoes plants I gave them last autumn! *lol*


Annefia said...

I'm glad you decided to track me down! :o)

I haven't touched the game for almost 1½ now and I don't even miss it. Strange! LOL But I have so many other fun thing to do instead. I DO miss some of my simming friends though, but I still stay in touch with Kiri and Pink.

My mom's worms as super effective. LOL This is this year's compost, last years compost has already turned to soil.

Sandy said...

FIA! Your powers are stronger than I thought! *lol* No, no, I haven't ordered a journal to wreck, but I dreamt about you again, last night ("again", because you appear in my dreams, time to time, and since the Sims 1!), and in this dream, we were preparing a strange mixture, with various perfumes, sand, pieces of broken shells (and other things that only exist in dreams). We also mixed several colors (and in dreams, if you mix several colors, you don't obtain an ugly brown, but something closer to a rainbow).
Then... we dipped a "wreck this journal" in!!! *lol* I woke up laughing thinking of this, this morning!

Ok... I shouldn't polluate your blog with my dreams, huh... *blush* I have an email address of you but it was the one you used for the Mrs Crumplebottom contest at SimPixels, (it begins by "contest-...", so I'm not sure it still work.... Otherwise, you'll have to let me a message at my Sims site, so I'll get your address! :D

Biiiiiiiiig huuuuugs again and again!

Annefia said...

Muahaha!!! I've still got my evil brainwashing powers! Sooner or later you WILL get a journal. LOL That dream sounds really interesting though!

I don't know if the contest addy still works but if you put "annefia" in front of the @ you'll get one of the addresses I currently use. I've still got the same domain. Or you could send me a PM at SPG3 if you've signed up for that version of the forum because I'm still a member even if I rarely go there.