Saturday, May 16, 2009

Weekly Update - 10 weeks

Sooo, another week has passed and the cover still looks the same. I haven't even removed the ugly flower. I'm such a good girl! LOL

I'm torturing you with the fruit page this week as well though since this week's fruit shopping was done in the expensive shop (where they can afford stickers on their fruit) 6 new apple stickers and 2 mango stickers. (I guess it's a lucky thing that they don't put stickers on the grapes. LOL)

The fruit page is starting to get quite full. It's a lot easier to fill this one than the stamp page. I haven't gotten a single mail with stamps since I started this project (they don't put stamps on bills in Sweden and my snail mail mostly consists of bills and the snail mail version of spam)

I have an idea for the angry page now though (I don't get angry very often so I really haven't had any use for that page) I know, I was supposed to do the page WHILE angry but at that time I was busy trying to fix what caused the anger and at least I got the idea that time.

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