Monday, May 11, 2009

Sweet sixteen

Time for some more "old stuff". I've already shown you things I made when I was 11, now it's time for some things I did back in -85 when I was 16.

(watercolor on paper)

(watercolor on paper)

During this period I loved to paint flowers. Well, flowers have always been a favorite (along with cats) but at this time I pretty much was a walking flora since I only painted realistic flowers and I knew them all by name.

These are unfortunately not my best flower paintings but I gave a lot of them away and the rest are still hidden somewhere in my boxes and cupboards.

As I said, cats have always been a favorite as well.

But wait, doesn't this cat look very strange?

(oil on canvas)

The last one I did when I was 17 but I think it's okay to cheate a bit. LOL

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