Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!!!

This Monday was my 40th birthday (I think we're already established in the posts about my "Old Stuff" that yes, I AM that old. LOL I don't FEEL old though so it doesn't matter)

My mom threw me an absolutely wonderful surprise party on the Saturday that probably is the best birthday party I've ever had (the one where I turned 10 was quite okay too) and I've decide to dedicate a page in the journal to honor this party. I thought the page where I was supposed to glue random items would suit this very well.

Isn't the kitty-card in the middle the cutest card ever? It's made by my step brother's 6 year old daughter (and possibly her younger brother as well). I plan to save grownup's cards too but this one is the only one that gets to be in the journal.

The color theme for the party was actually pink, green and white (which make TOTAL sense if you know me. LOL) but I'm somehow managed to collect only items that didn't fit the theme. But who cares, it was fun, it was fantastic and now it's been captured forever in my journal.

Thank you mom!!!!

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