Saturday, May 30, 2009

Portraits of Ragdolls

Time for some Old Stuff again!

I used to be a Ragdoll breeder back in the 90's (We're talking Ragdoll CATS, not rag DOLLS) so of course some of my cat drawings were of Ragdolls.

Unknown bi-color Ragdoll, -92

"Bissen", blue colorpoint Ragdoll, 1 year, -95

The first picture i most likely painted from a photo and I no longer remember the name of the cat, even if I have my guesses. (It's not one of mine) The second picture is drawn of a live (but sleeping) model, Bissen, a kitten from my very first litter and the cat I lost a month ago. I miss him BADLY! I'm sad that this drawing have been so smudged, maybe I should try to clean it up.

Duttis, blue colorpoint Ragdoll, 14 years, -2009

Duttis is Bissen's younger sister and like all my cats she craves to be involved when I take photos. LOL A lot of the wrecking photos includes a gray paw or a brown tail somewhere in the corner. LOL

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