Saturday, May 23, 2009

Weekly Update - 11 weeks

Ooooookay! Didn't I just write one of these weekly posts??? Where did last week go? *confused* I guess I've spent too much time sewing clothes and too little time wrecking. LOL

But prepare to be chocked because I HAVE done some wrecking today *waits for everybody to recover after fainting* but I'm saving the best for last.

First the boring cover photo. It's looked the same for quite some tome now. The only thing that changes is the decreasing of the ants and the placement of the paper chain. LOL

And of course, everybody's favorite, the fruit sticker page!!! LOL Now with five more apple stickers.

And now for the fun part, or less fun depending in how you see it, since it's the anger page and being angry isn't exactly fun, at east not for me.

It's the same idea as I got last week but a different source of anger and frustration. Last week it was the water pump in my aquarium that was broken and today it's the washing machine instead. Luckily I had a spare pump but unfortunately I don't have a spare washing machine. But I'm still hoping the problem will solve itself like it did the last time, almost a year ago, because I really don't have a lot of money for things like disobedient washing machines. I have absolutely no clue what the error message means (that's the "d 17" on the drawing) because it's not in the manual but it was the same one a year ago. Fingers crossed, please!

Anyway, the text below says "Die! Die! Die you evil washing machine monster! No, change that, live, live, live!!! WORK!!!!"


sandy said...

*clapping the hands with enthousiam* Yeaaah, more stickers! I just love the way you talk about this page! *lol*
And I cross the fingers for your washing-machine. I'm glad to have learnt how to say "evil washing machine" in swedish!

Annefia said...

I just KNEW that someone would appreciate the greatness of the fruitsticker page. LMAO And evil washing machine is something that's good to know how to say in any language. LOL (it's still evil BTW)