Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beware of Cats and TV!!!

The instruction says "This page is a sign. What do you want it to say?" and well in my case it's not so much want I WANT a sign to say, I NEED a sign like this. LOL

And *faint* it's painted with non-sparkly water color! LOL

There really should have been three cats though, or even five. :o( I've lost three of my fur babies within the last 6 year (the last two within 2½ years). I miss them all badly!!!

The two I've still got are crazy enough to still require a sign like this though. And BTW, the text is supposed to be lopsided (like it's been knocked over by the crazy kitties).

And while I had my water colors out I couldn't resist doodling on the flowers on the cover. Bad idea! The red/turquoise flower looked kind of okay until I added the stupid red lines but well, the pink felt one turned out bad from the start and then just got worse. LOL

Well, what can I say, I was watching TV, one of the main characters died in a fire while trying to rescue a child (and his wife had just found out that she was pregnant). It was sad, I got distracted and you really shouldn't try to paint on fuzzy fabric materials anyway. LOL

But the cats sign still looks nice (no one died in that episode. LOL)


Anonymous said...

I like how the blue and red flower on the cover turned out - and I don't think the pink one is that bad.

I also love your sign. LOL

Annefia said...

I think the pink one is awful. It might have to go. But it's not AS bad anymore as when it looked like it was blood stained. LOL The turquoise/red one gets to stay though.

Uniflame said...

I love the sign!! And well isnt experimenting what this is all about XD

Annefia said...

It absoluteley is! And it's even okay if the experiments don't turn out so good every time.