Thursday, April 30, 2009

Watercolors and Vacations

For about 20 years ago (Eeeek! I'm OLD!!!) my mom and I used to go on vacations together evere summer, just the two of us. We packed everything we needed in the car and then we just drove around in Sweden, rented a new cabin each night, talked, cried, laughed, argued, had an absolutely wonderful time and grew really, really close. I think those vacations are the reason I these day consider my mom to be my very best friend and soul mate. (That and the fact that I DO have the best mom in the world, as yes, she DOES read this blog so what else can I say? LOL)

Anyway, this particular summer (probably the summer of -91) I brought my watercolors and we spent some time painting together.

In this particular case we'd placed some food items between us on the table and were painting the same objects, just from different angles.

We also did the same thing with some rocks and an elder flower.

Afterwards we held our on private art exhibition on the cottage couch. LOL Unfortunately it was quite dark in that end of the cottage and this photo is scanned more than ten years ago on a really crappy scanner (the original photo is packed away in a box somewhere where I can't reach it ) so the image quality is REALLY bad, but still...

The two 1½ paintings on the left are mine and the two 1½ on the right are my mom's (the very right one is the view through our window)

And here is a close up of the vegetable from both sides.

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