Thursday, April 23, 2009

Weekly Update - 7 weeks

Is it just me or do the weeks go SUPER fast at the moment? I feel like I'm doing one of these weekly updates every other day or so.

Not much has happened to the front of the cover since the day before yesterday... eh... I mean last week. The chain is still intact, the flower is a bit damaged but both ants are actually still alive. *shock*

Even less has happened to the test page and the fruit sticker page so I promise not to bore you with those. LOL None of the fruits I bought yesterday had any stickers.

I've still done some wrecking today though, even of the destructive kind, it just doesn't show on the outside of the journal.

You know these days it doesn't bother me at all to poke holes in a page, and that EVEN if I've painted on the other size. I've changed! LOL It WOULD still bother me if it would have been one of my favorite pages though.

And actually I HAVE changed some, even outside the actual journal wrecking. I've made two decisions this week (VERY tiny to most people but still important to me) based on some of the insights I've gotten during this process. Nothing I feel like sharing in the journal though. And well one of the reasons is that you have to know me and my background story and current situation REALLY well for it to make any sense what so ever. LOL


Uniflame said...

I love this page. Flowers are such an easy shape to cover up the holes XD

Annefia said...

Yeah, they're perfect for this purpose. I wish she hadn't drawn the circles for the holes though because I would have done something completely different if the page had been blank.