Monday, April 13, 2009

Killer penguins!!!

This weekend I took the chance to get some help to do the "Ask a friend to do something destructive to this page" challenge. Both my sister-in-law and her niece were VERY willing to help be out with that one. LOL And they both took their chances to draw some really destructive stuff.

The niece, Vanja, started by drawing a really destructive guy and lots of other destrucicve stuff like a rope, a gun, drugs and a razorblade (and a teddybear! LOL). I've seen a photo of the guy in question and the resemblance is actually VERY good (besides the fact that the tattoo is on the wrong side which is why she turned the page in to a mirror LOL) And before you start to worry, "niece" doesn't mean that she's child, she's 22. LOL

Vanja found it very therapeutic to work with my journal (yes, she's pretty tempted to get one of her own now. I'm good at brainwashing people LOL)

And that sister-in-law of mine has a REALLY destructive imagination. LOL I mean what else can you say when someone draws an Easter painting with killer penguins???? (Maybe that I start to fear for the safety of brother. LMAO)

As I said before "Glad Påsk" means Happy Easter but when it's painted with dripping blood I'm not sure that the Easter will be very happy. *shudder*

There's an emo angel in the upper left corner looking down at the scene where a carnivorous penguin called "Slaktarn (The killer) is flying away (Eeek!" Killer penguins can fly!) with a chicken crying for help, a vegan penguin is just a about to kill a Daffodil and a third one has just killed the Easter bunny.

I'm not sure if my sister-in-law found it therapeutic or not but she's ordered her own journal the same day. LOL

After they drew this Vanja wondered if I STILL thought I had the most wonderful friends (as I mentioned a few posts ago) and my mom said that well, I might have wonderful friends but I didn't get to pic my relatives. LOL But destructive paintings or not, I still think both these girls are quite wonderful (and I'm not saying this JUST because I've invited them to read the blog LOL)


Uniflame said...

I love the killer pinguins!!! I think it is awesome what they did here. It is still pretty and a total different style from what you normally do ^^

Annefia said...

It's hilarious, isn't it? LOL And as you say, both pages are so totally not my style.