Thursday, April 23, 2009

Old Stuff

I've decided to start a new category in the blog; "Old Stuff". I've been going through some of my old sketches and paintings (while looking for paper to use for doodles and color experiments and such.) And I thought it could be fun to take pictures of everything and show here on the blog.

Now keep in mind that the perspective might be a bit skewed because of the angle I've taken the photos in and some of the subtle hues in the sketches might not photograph very well. Also the sizes of the original varies which means some of the images have been shrunken a lot.

In an effort to be nice and not overwhelm you completely I will not show everything at once but there will be an "Old Stuff" update every now and then. Nothing will be shown in chronological order though, it's just in the order which I've taken the photos, to make things easier for me.

So should I stop taking and actually post some pictures then ? LOL

Cat -95

Quick doodle of one of my guinea pigs "Lillgisen" -97

Cat -95

Domherre/Bullfinch (undated)

Kitten -95

Cat -95

Yes, I like cats. Didn't you know that by now? LOL


Uniflame said...

Ow wow!! I didnt know you were such a good drawer! I love these!!

Annefia said...

Thanks! :o) This is why I say that the things I do in the journal isn't my "usual style".

I haven't done anything like this for ages though since I always use different kind of methods to express my creativity and I've been too busy with other things to feel inspired to paint/draw.