Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Explosion of colors!

I LOVE this page! Unfortunately it's one of those pages you really can't photograph very well. You just can't capture the hues of these colors or how they shimmer and sparkle. It looks absolutely amazing IRL.

with flash

lamplight only

For those of you that don't have your own copy of the journal, the circle and the text are printed, the rest of the black shapes are painted by me. And the ant-holes are of course from when I when I were supposed to cut through several pages.

It looks really good with the chain, doesn't it?

I really loved working with all these colors. I'm one of those color-matching people that are really picky with colors and I have beautifully color-matched home in white, pink, green and roses (yes, roses is a colors, didn't you know? LOL). I also have very color-sensitive eyes that can pick out very tiny differences in hues and sometimes I even find mismatched colors stressful. (It's like a good music ear but with eyes and color instead) But because of this it's really fun and liberating to mix colors a bit wild and crazily in the journal. This is something I have to practice a bit more.

The downside with my twinklies (that's what those shimmering colors are called) is that they bleed through the journal paper. On the other hand, sometimes that can create fantastic looking backsides. (I haven't actually started to work on this page yet, but I still had to show how it looks)

The colors bled through to this side as well but this one I decided to finish tonight. I started it the bottom left corner and I think I did fairly okay. (In case you can't read it because of the ant-hole, the first word is "close".


Dustbunnie said...

You're doing really well imo. I love the colours even if I can't see them as wonderful as they are irl.

Annefia said...


To get a feeling for how they look IRL, try to imagine that I've painted with shimmering mist sprinkled with fairy dust.

Uniflame said...

I think this has to be the prettiest page I have seen from you so far! And that means a lot because you have so many pretty pages!! ^^

Annefia said...

THANKS!!! I love it too "unfortunately". LOL So far it looks like it will be either this or the sea of circles that will end up with you in the future.

I've started something similar outside the blog as well though that I'll hopefully show tonight.

Uniflame said...

Yeah I am still doubting my favorite page as well, since I have so many! Chances are high though that the lavender page might end up with you. I love that page!

Annefia said...

So do I so I wouldn't mind. LOL