Saturday, April 25, 2009

REALLY Old Stuff!

Talk about OLD stuff! These drawings are from 1980 when yours truly were just eleven years. I still thought they would be fun to share here though.

I'm not just from the land of Abba, I'm from the land of the Sámi people and their reindeers too. Although, to tell the truth I live a lot further down south than they do (or rather where they originate from, these days the Sámi people of course live wherever they want and I actually believe the majority live in our capital, Stockholm, and I don't live a lot further south from Stockholm, just a tiny bit.) and I don't have any Sámi connection what so ever (I AM however the queen of long parenthesizes and longwinded explanations) that explains this drawing.

*phew* I need to catch my breath for a while now. LOL

Sweden also happens to be the land of the little red cottages with white corners. The very characteristic red color called Falu rödfärg/Falu red is made from pigments from a copper mine in the town Falun (hence the name) and it's very commonly used since it's both cheap and conserves the wood well.

*phew* Did I say longwinded explanations? LOL I hadn't planned for this update to turn in to a lesson about Sweden. LOL What I had INTENDED to write was that it looks like I'd started to use things like perspective when I was eleven, I just hadn't fully got the grasp of how it worked yet. But it seems like my brain accidentally slipped today and caused this unnecessary long post. Oooops! Sorry! LOL


Dustbunnie said...

I think these drawings are really good for an 11 year old. I also loved the newer drawings you showed earlier.

Annefia said...

Thanks!!! :o)

And I'm impressed that your were able to actually focus on the drawings in the midst of all my blabberings. LOL

Uniflame said...

For an 11 year old, you were really good!!

Annefia said...

Thanks! It's really interesting to look back and see how my drawing has developed. I will show some work from when I was 16 as well a bit later.