Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Faded Ink

For this page I choose to sample my ink pads. The idea was probably to sample substances you usually don't use on papers but ink is a substance too and I really WANTED to sample all my ink pads. Originally I had intended to sample my make up as well but the ink samples took up to much space and I like how the page looks now so I don't want to mess with it.

Unfortunately the pads themselves are a bit to soft to work really well as stamps, bBut I kind of like the old, faded look you'll get from this. SOME inks like "Faded Lavender" (second one on the first row) is a little bit TOO faded for my taste though. I think it's gone dry.

I particularly like my Distress Inks (the three, non-black, ones to the right) They're mostly used to make things look old, vintage and worn. I feel a bit tempted to use them for something now.

I'm also quite fond of my good silver ink pad even if the flowers I stamped on the cover of the journal didn't stick. (I blame that on the cover, not on the ink)


Uniflame said...

This is a fun way to use this page! I have been sampeling creams on the page XD But I am not done with it yet.

Annefia said...

I'm looking forward to see it when you're done!