Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring has sprung!

I've had a hard time deciding which word to use for this exercise. At first I had planned to use the word "katt" (cat), which of course is a word with a lot of meaning to me. I had even planned to create a painting made from the word cat in different colors.

Then I started to think that maybe the word "frihet" (freedom) would be interesting to use,. Maybe it would make me think about all of those things freedom means to me.

And these last days "trött" (tired) have been the only word on my mind. *yawn* (One of the funny things in life when you're suffering from CFS.)

But today my mom and I went on a wonderful trip looking for spring flowers and then I decided that I wanted to dedicate this page to trying to capture this day and use the word "vår" (spring), my favorite season of them all.

The flowers I've used for the border are the first spring flowers here in Sweden. First comes the yellow Tussilago ( Tussilago farfara). The next one to follow is the blue Blåsippa (Anemone hepatica or Hepatica nobilis) and then last of the three, that we just saw a few of today, the Vitsippa (Anemone nemorosa). As you can see the names Blådsippa and Vitsippa are quite similar, the only thing that differs are the colors "blå" and "vit". (I think you're all clever enough to understand those colors without translation. LOL)

Maybe I SHOULD have used the word cat instead? LOL My cats love to participate every time I take photos. In their minds nothing can be as important to take a photo of as a cat. LOL This little lady, almost crawling in to the camera, is the same furball that wanted to take a shower with me and the journal earlier.


Uniflame said...

I love how that page turned out, it is so cheerful!

I actually did some minor wrecking myself, but I have been quite busy with life ;) I am being creative on other ways, and the journal isnt going anywhere, so there will be more wrecking, I am sure ^^

Annefia said...

Wrecking should all be for fun, not a must, and especially not one that keeps you away from other creative stuff.

Real life has kept me a way a lot form the journal this month as well.

Uniflame said...

Thanks!! I knew that, but sometimes I think: wow I havent updated in ages, what must people think? I know it is a silly thought ;)

Annefia said...

I have the exact same thoughts sometimes. (The reply above was a way to try to convince myself as well. LOL)