Monday, April 13, 2009

Flying Easter wreckings

Yay, I know you've all been waiting for it! The journal throwing!!!

It was fast and pretty uncomplicated. A fall form a second story balcony didn't do that much harm to the book. And no, that's NOT my sister-in-law, that's my brother. LOL Hopefully he'll remember to send me the photo he took with his cellphone so I can add it to the blog later.

A few of the pages got a bit crumpled but the biggest "damage" was that a button fell off from the "white stuff page". I guess I can live with that, and if not I can always glue it back. LOL

And talking about damage, the ants on the front page are starting to look a bit tired. LOL

On my way over to my mom's this Friday I borrowed a pen from my brother and did the "Lines while in motion" page (No, I wasn't the one driving. LOL) A drawing IS still made of lines, isn't it? LOL To the left a chicken and to the right a "påskris" ("Easter-twigs" = birch twigs with colorful feathers attached) both typical Swedish Easter decorations. "Glad Påsk" means "Happy Easter".

This isn't the prettiest page I've ever made. LOL But I was too busy discussing journal wrecking with my brother and his wife. (The blue stuff is paint on the back of my "sea of circles")


Uniflame said...

It is so awesome you did throw the journal!!

Annefia said...

I had always intended to. I just needed someone to be downstairs waiting for it. I'm living above a pizza place and the door to my stairs is on the other side of the house so I didn't want the journal to be lying on the ground all alone the time it took me to go there to pick it up. (that part scared me more than the actual throwing. LOL)

Uniflame said...

I can imagne. When I threw mine down, I had someone waiting for it too ^^

Annefia said...

I remember, I saw the movie. This went too fast for a movie though. LOL