Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekly update - 4 weeks +

I'm baaaaaack!!!

As you can tell the journal looks pretty much the same as it did last time I showed you the cover. Exactly the same actually, but at least it's a new photo. LOL And at least it looks different from what it did at the 3 week update.

I know it's gone 4½ week now but this IS how the journal looked last Thursday, and actually how it looks today as well.

I've had an absolutely wonderful time with my friend (lots and lots of chatting) but we just didn't have enough time for journal wrecking. We thought about it for several times (I know she even had plans for the friend-wrecking page involving a Stanley knife and a cutting board) but we'll time ran away from us. And since she'll move back to Australia now I will have to find some other friend to do the wrecking for me.

And nooo journal throwing either were done, both because of lack of time and the fact that I got a lumbago which messed up our plans.

Eeeek! I haven't done any wrecking for a loooooong time. I'd better do something about it! If not my journal might start to feel too safe. LOL


Uniflame said...

I missed your updates ^^ They always are such inspiration :)

Annefia said...

Thanks!!! I've got one coming later today. (As long as I've got spoons enough to put it up)

Unknown said...

hello there..... :) nice template but no nice to leave comment way :(