Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wreckly update - 5 weeks

I've been on an unplanned, involuntarily and not fun at all break for a couple of days more. One of my cats got really ill and I had to put him to sleep yesterday. He was 15 years old and had been on medications for a year already so I guess this was kind of expected but it's still just as painful. :o( But well, this is not a personal diary kind of blog so I'll prefer to focus on the journal wrecking instead. It keeps me from thinking too much as well. (Or well, journal wrecking DOES of course make me think but not the sad kitty thoughts)

This is how the journal looks after 5 weeks. Today I decided to put a cat sticker on the cover in honor of my Bissen. Now he was a blue color point Ragdoll so he doesn't look at all like this cat but his style was still the same. There's also a sticker below that says "To err is human, to purr, feline".

As you can tell, the journal is looking less and less flat these days (and I still haven't had a chance to do the journal throwing or anything else very destructive)

A couple of days ago (Monday???) I did this list of 12 more ways to wreck the journal. It's me though so don't expect things to be REALLY destructive. LOL Still some of them might be quite hard (at least to me).

1. Cut borders along the edges of some pages

2. Wash a page with soap and water (since the washing machine ruined the page a bit too much. LOL)

3. Wash a decorated page with soap and water (Now things are getting more difficult)

4. Doodle on all pages (This one I like more LOL)

5. Decorate a page with words and objects that starts with the same letter

6. Paint a page with make up

7. Create a painting made of dots

8. Decorate the journal with ribbons (I have PLENTY of ribbons! LOL)

9. Paint/decorate in orange/brown and 70's (Just the thought of this one makes me cringe - A LOT. I HATE those colors and that style. Most of the people that love style today didn't have to grow up during the 70's. LOL Even writing in orange is really yucky)

10. Dedicate a page to friendship (I have the most wonderful friends)

11. Fill a page with Quick Kutz cutouts (like the ants, not the holes but the actual ants)

12. Distress a page with Distress Ink

I kind of wish there were 12 blank pages to actually DO all of these. LOL

This is today's wrecking. Can you spot a VERY faint hint of turquoise inside the circle. IRL, you can at least KIND OF see it in the right light.

I knew from the first time I saw this one that this one would be really hard. We don't exactly have that much of color staining candy in Sweden and if we do I wouldn't know what it was anyway. It's not the kind of candy I eat a lot of. LOL On the rare occasions I DO eat sweets I prefer chocolate.

Anyway, yesterday I discovered that my mom had found some really suspicious looking candy for the Easter eggs and I was right, those awful, scary looking turquoise eyes really DID stain my tongue a bit. It wasn't enough to actually stain the journal a lot though but at least I tried.

To continue the theme I decorated the page with awful turquoise eyes (they're not SUPPOSED to look pretty). I had planned to save the last candy eye to use in the photo but I accidental ate half of it. LOL They didn't taste as awful as they look (even though I really felt like brushing my teeth afterwards. LOL) so you have to settle for half an eye. LOL

Now I have to go edit my personal description. Not fun at all. :o(


Uniflame said...

I am so sorry about your cat :(
Lots of hugs!

Also I love your 12 ways of wrecking. I still need to do the tongue painting.

Annefia said...


And thanks! I'm glad I'm done with the tongue painting. I've been a bit worried how I should solve that one.