Monday, March 23, 2009

All wet and crumpled

Time to get destructive for a change!

Last night I realized that I had to rearrange the fruit sticker page a bit since the left side was on the back of the "paper chain" paper. Not a very destructive exercise but it didn't feel enough to get a blog entry of it's own.

The crumble challenge today was more of the destructive kind. I taped the page back in to the book afterwards since I like to keep the things I've done actually in the journal.

Crumpling paper made both me and the journal all sweaty (the journal most LOL) so afterwards we decided to take a shower. But first I decorated the shower page a bit.

Then in to the shower we went. I decided to stick to the cowardly solution and NOT place the journal on the floor (nothing said you HAD to)

"Bring this cat in to the shower with you" Okay, it didn't REALLY say this but my cats never misses chance for a photo opportunity. LOL (She left before I turned on the water but her mommy liked to sit in my exhubby's stomach when he took a bath and her uncle took long showers with his owner. Ragdolls are crazy! LOL)

Still a bit wet from the shower. The colors have started to bleed a bit (which I actually hoped for) but other than this the journal coped very well.

This is the first time I've ever brought a camera in to my shower. I plan to make it my last and ONLY time as well.LOL I'm not one of those "today's outfit" kind of bloggers, but I'm also REALLY NOT a "no outfit" kind of blogger so no more cameras in the shower. LOL


tessibess said...

I still think about the fruit stickers LOL But I'll sort that out when it is time for it =)

I don't think I will put the journal on the shower floor either, but if I should put it somewhere behind the pipes, I don't think it will be wet at all... We'll see. I'm not planning to take it to the shower the first thing I do =)

I'm still waiting for mine =( Hopefully it arrives tomorrow *keep fingers crossed*

Annefia said...

Mine got wet, a bit more than you can tell from the photo but not much, mostly the shower page.

You haven't gotten your journal yet? Let me know when you do so I can put up a link to you. Or is the blog finished enough to link to already?

tessibess said...

I really hope i get it tomorrow. I hate to wait for things I want! LOL But you can link to the blog already =)

tessibess wrecks a journal

But perhaps I change the looks of it, I'm not sure I am totally satisfied LOL

Annefia said...

I've added you now (as you probably can tell. LOL)

Uniflame said...

I love that you started the actual wrecking part. I think this is harder for you then the other pages. But you are doing a great job so far!

Annefia said...

Thanks! And yes, it's A LOT harder. The thinsg I've been doing so far have been pretty okay but there are other things I really don't look forward to. But it will be interesting to see what I might learn from them.