Friday, March 27, 2009

Flames of destruction

*cough* *cough*

Let's face it, I'm a creative person and I'm REALLY not a destructive person. The creative exercises are fun, they inspire me, they make me think, remember and give me insights. Creativity makes my heart sing!

The destructive stuff is just plain boring. It doesn't feel liberating, it's not about blocks or anything (so far at least), it doesn't give me insights, good or bad, it's just not particularly fun.

And while creativity makes my heart sing destruction only makes me cough. I've got asthma and while I have no problems with real wood fires the fumes from the journal really wasn't good for me. My book didn't taste as bitter as I'd expected but the smell of it was just AWFUL. I still have sore throat and I still need to keep my kitchen window open to air out the smell (and it's snowing outside so it's not exactly warm *shudder*).

Anyway, boring or not I'm still satisfied with how the page turned out. And adding a little bit of color of course makes things a little bit more fun again. LOL

See what I mean, I'm creative not destructive. Even while doing the destroying exercises I immediately try to add a bit of creativity too it. LOL (Those blobs a the top are supposed to be flowers LOL)

Unlike my friend Uniflame I didn't have any coconut scented bodyscrub so I had to settle with sandpaper. I could have used a bit of coconut scent right now, the awful burnt journal smell still lingers.

One day if/when I'm up to it I might go a bit more in to detail what I mean with creative people and destructive people. It's not as easy as that creative people always create things and destructive people always destroy, it's got more to do with how you look upon life and everything in it. On the other hand I might also decide NOT to go all philosophical on you. LOL


tessibess said...

Guess why I stood on the balcony ;o)

Annefia said...

Clever thinking! I stood in the kitchen, right next to the sink. I wanted to have water close by if needed but I guess I could just as well have killed the fire with all the snow on the balcony. LOL (It's REALLY not tempting to go outside today though)