Monday, March 30, 2009

I miss wrecking!

I'm just busy with other stuff, really busy. But I miss my wrexercises! They really DO give me something and it feels almost empty without them. Eeek! What will I do when I've finished the journal? On the other hand, isn't one of the exercises to buy a second journal?

Anyway, I HOPE I will have some time to wreck things tonight or tomorrow. I think I need it to relax.


Uniflame said...

I hope you will get to wrecking soon!

Also: I can recommend the follow up: How to be an explorer of the world. I havent started it yet and wont till I have finished this journal. Still I might get another copy.

Maybe there are more books like this?

tessibess said...

I haven't really got started yet, so I can't say anything about missing this yet. But perhaps I feel that way too, when it is finished.

Annefia said...

Uniflame: There's a follow up? Is it anything like this one? I think I NEED a follow up. LOL

Tessibess: Hopefully it will give you the same thing as it's given me once you've really got started. It's not just the exercises I miss, it' all the creativity that it inspires and boosts in me and the way my brain starts to work thanks to these exercises. I kind of miss getting flooded with memories. LOL