Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lots of stuff this time

My evil internet/phone/TV provider has been giving me a lot of problems (and a lot less of internet/phone/TV) the last couple of days (not ALL the time, only when I have time to blog) so I'm a bit behind with things now so this update will be a big one.

I started yesterday (Tuesday) with a more destructive challenge. Now, I'm usually one of those people that have a hard time throwing things away (not to the point where it's a problem though) but this one was actually quite easy. After all, this page was created to throw away. It was it's purpose with life (if pages can have a life. LOL) I decide to keep the raw ripped edge after this page though as a reminder of it's existence.

After ripping out this page it felt natural to continue with the four letter words page behind it. I know that in English this page can be interpreted in two ways but for me as a Swede there's only one interpretation since bad words are not called four-letter words in Swedish (and since I curse extremely seldom I don't know enough bad words to fill up this page LOL)

Originally I had though to translate all these words in to English but I'm leaving this out since this update is big enough anyway. If you miss the translations BADLY, let me know and I'll add them later. LOL

What I've learned form this page? Well, I accidentally wrote some 5 letter words that I had to cross over, and thanks to the work I've done with this journal so far, this didn't actually bother me. It would have done so 2 weeks ago. Yay for journal wrecking!

Next I doodled on the title page and decided to us only blue and yellow sparkly pens. That in itself is a challenge since even though it's the Swedish colors, it's a color combination I very rarely use. I don't like it very much and since patriotism is pretty much considered a bad thing in Sweden I don't use it often for patriotic reasons either. Anyway, I still like how this page turned out. I guess all the white helped balance the colors. (Note the cut out ants)

I then realized that this page was almost done so I decided to finish it. I had already doodled on the cover (I plan to do more to it later), the title page (see above) and the instructions. All that was left was the copyright page and folding the corners, which I did today (Wednesday)

This is how the copyright page turned out. I used the sparkly pens this time too and I couldn't resist doing one of my stars/flowers.

Folding the corners was NOT fun though. I hate when people borrow my books and fold corners in them and these were my favorite pages on top of everything. I picked the ripped stripes, the circle of seas, the traced hand and the doodled star on top of text as my favorites because of how they look. And then I added the sleep/troll lullaby page because of the side effects. Poor pages, now they all have (small!) "dog ears" (that's what the folded corners are called in Swedish).

And finally I've added to more melon stickers today too (the rest of the fruit came without stickers this time) This is a kind of boring page to show you all the time but I want to document the entire journal wrecking as truthfully as possible. If I don't leave out pages because they're boring I will have less excuse to leave out pages that are hard to show.


Uniflame said...

I love your doodles!! These pages are all so peaceful. Looking at them makes me calm. (I am mostly all over the place XD)

Anonymous said...

To fold corners in borrowed books, that is not very decent... I'll never fold other corners than in my own pocket books =)

My own journal is on its way from the store now! I just wonder how I am going to do with the 'fruit stickers page'. I don't eat any fruit at all! Perhaps I should do as some people have done, pick the stickers from the fruits in the shop LOL

Annefia said...

Uniflame: How interesting that my doodles make you calm. I WAS very calm when I mad them and I find doodling very relaxing to do so maybe that's what you picked up?

Tess: I never fold corners even in my own books. I use bookmarks instead.

How fun that you journal is on it's way! You WILL blog about it, right?

You don't eat fruit??? I can't live without fruit. If all fruits had stickers my page would be full by now. LOL Maybe other wreckers have "stolen" my stickers in the shop already? LOL

My problem is the stamps I'm supposed to collect from the mails I get during this period. I don't get mails with stamps anymore, only bills and such.

Anonymous said...

I think I will blog about it. I'll start a new one, to separate it from my usual (very unupdated) blog... ;o) And perhaps I'll take it in English too, to practice =)

Nope. I don't eat any fruit. I don't eat any carbohydrates at all. Apart from some vegetables, like onion, tomatoes, cucumber, paprika and lettuce. Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) diet. My IBS disappeared after three days without carbohydrates, and they say IBS is cronic... I don't trust doctors anymore LOL

I get some envelopes with stamps, but not very often. So that page can be a bit difficult for me too. Maybe I can take a trip to my mother-in-law and check her company mail LOL

Annefia said...

I'm glad you've been able to sort out your problems with a changed diet evn though it cause problems with the fruit sticker page.

A new separate blog could be a good idea and personally I'm all for practicing my English (even though I already use more English than Swedish while online) English also reaches a wider audience. Let me know when you've set up your blog an I'll add a link to you.