Saturday, March 21, 2009

Doodles and dogs

Tonight I really felt like doodling (it can become addictive LOL) and I didn't find something in the journal that fitted what I wanted to do so I decided to just doodle on a piece of paper. A bit tired with the cheap paper in the journal I dug out and old sketch book.

I KNOW it's lopsided. It's just a doodle, it isn't supposed to be perfect, it's just supposed to be fun to create.

While looking in the old sketch book I also found a drawing of a collie I did for school project back in -88 (the same school I went to when I walked around with cutting pliers in my handbag. LOL) and I thought it could be fun to share it with you. After all, I kind of found it thanks to the journal wrecking so if I stretch the rules a bit it too can be considered a side effect. LOL

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