Friday, March 27, 2009

Weekly update - 3 weeks

Ooops! I almost forgot to do the weekly update today. Too much sewing is bad for your brain apparently. LOL

As you can tell the silver flowers are gone and the ants are starting to look a bit wrecked (one of the will probably lose it's head before next weekly update) but other than that not much new. The journal is still in a pretty decent shape. I've wrecked pages but I haven't wreck the entire journal a lot, so far. (And I'm NOT looking forward to it)


tessibess said...

LOL It looks newer now than last week ;o)

I'll check if I can find a good pen for you, so you can have your flowers on the front page.

Annefia said...

It does, doesn't it? LOL A pen-RAK would be an appreciated idea. I'm still thinking about ideas for the cover. (On the other hand journal-throwing and journal-walking will probably give it a certain touch of wreckedness too LOL)