Saturday, March 7, 2009

Good night, don't let the bed book bite

I'm a little bit too tired tonight to finish that page I started on earlier this evening. But since I am tired, the colors have dried and the book still isn't yucky and smelly I though it could be a good idea to do the "Sleep with the Journal (describe the experience here)" page instead.

I wonder if I should tell the Journal a good night story or maybe sing a lullaby before we go to sleep?


Uniflame said...

LOL!! Go with the flow ;)

BTW: to avoid smellyness, just document messy things lightly, the paper will absorb it.

Annefia said...

We had a great night together. LOL At least I slept well.

As for smelly things I will try to stay/interpret as far away from them as possible. LOL The problem is that I hate the smell (and taste) of coffee... I will probably use tea instead.

Uniflame said...

Yeah me too! I never drink coffee

Annefia said...

I drank coffee ONCE when I worked as a Swedish teacher to analphabetic refuges and got invited home for coffee my a really sweet woman. It was easier to drink the coffee (that made me sick for the rest of the day *yuck*) than to accept the invitation but decline the coffee, because we didn't have enough language in common for that advanced conversion. LOL