Thursday, March 19, 2009

Weekly update - 2 weeks

Time for another weekly update!

This is how the front cover looks right now. I would love to add my name in silver just to match the look of the music binder but my silver pen have gone dry so I decide to stamp silver flowers on the cover and "chalk" the edges instead.

And since I'm pestering your with the progress of the fruit page I thought I would show how the test page changes as well.

After two weeks of wrecking this is still just as fun and it's also given me a lot more than just the fun and creativity. Yes, I've run in to some blocks (sharing too much about myself on this blog is a tough block to work with actually, which is why I do it. It might not be much in your eyes but some of it is huge for someone as online-private as me. Like this parenthesis for instance LOL) But even the "side effects" have mostly been very inspiring and I've felt that I've really learned things during these two weeks. I've gotten back lost parts of myself. Yay!

I've also managed to brainwash... I mean inspire... 1½ friend in to journal wrecking. No, friend number two isn't a half friend but she's only half brainw inspired so far. LOL The more people that discover journal wrecking the happier I'll become. I just hope the 1½ of you will like it as much as I do!


Anonymous said...

I guess the 1 person is me LOL
Hope you inspire the half person too ;o)

Uniflame said...

The cover looks so cute! Too bad it didnt stick!

Annefia said...

Tess: Yes, you're the number 1. LOL

Uniflame: Thanks! I really liked it the way it looked.