Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thoughts and insights

To the outsider journal wrecking might look just like a fun, a bit meaningless, creative project but that's far from true. Yes, it's both fun and creative but it's far from meaningless. It's actually quite the opposite!

When you do all these exercises they make you THINK. Sometimes you think about the exercises, maybe wonder why some tings feel harder to do than others, question your boundaries or wonder about what inspires you. But they also wake memories and thoughts that seemingly have nothing to do with the task you have at hand. The act of sleeping with the journal itself didn't give me anything but it DID make me sing a lullaby to the journal and that on the other hand woke a memory in me that symbolizes a lot more than I feel like sharing in a public blogg (it would also take me ages and thousands of words to summon up, you KNOW I'm longwinded. LOL)

A friend of mine *waves to Dustbunnie* talked about "free writing", a couple of days ago, as a way to connect with your unconscious and figure out what you REALLY think and feel about some things. I would like to add that "free playful creativity" also have the same effect.

I had hoped for this project to give me a deeper experience than the one you can see with your eyes and even this early in to the process (not yet a full week) I can already see that it's begun. And what's even more interesting is that it's already spilling over to my mom as well even though she's not participating in the project

Some of my thoughts and insights I will share in this blog but far from all of them. I DO however share all of them with my soul sister, my mom. And me discussing this project has given her insights about her self thoughts and creativity as well. Interesting!

I REALLY look forward to what I will learn from this project!


Uniflame said...

Well I already had this eye opener with my drawing lessons, however this really takes it one step further then that!

Annefia said...

I can imagine those drawing lesson giving quite interesting insights as well. But in that case you probably expect it a bit more than with journal wrecking.