Sunday, March 8, 2009

A sea of circles

This is the "Fill this page with circles" page and I really like it, messy lines, bleeding colors, wrinkled and buckled paper and all. I really like the idea and I really like all those shimmering blue and green colors. This is even an idea I might carry through to proper paper later on. I just whish I could show it to you for real because all this shimmering, sparkliness and semi transparency is more than my old camera can handle. But still, even the bad camera can't stop me from really liking this page.


Uniflame said...

OMG!! This is beyond pretty!

Beware of the "give away your favorite page" ;)

Annefia said...


I really FEAR that one. :shudder: But I HAVE planned you to be my receiver. Then we can swap pages and glue them in to our journals.

Anonymous said...

I totally understand why you like that page so much. It's beautiful.

It looks like the fishies are made from another paper and glued in.

Annefia said...


And you're right about the fishes. Or well, they're not made from paper, they're semi transparent, sparkly plastic stickers and so are those tiny ,tiny light blue bubbles as well. (you might recognize them from my sticker page)

Uniflame said...

That is a great idea!! If I know that my favorite page is in someone else's journal then it will make things easier, I think :)

Annefia said...

That's exactly how I feel. Giving away the favorite will be hard but giving it away to someone that will understand the experience and make the page a part of her book will make it easier.