Friday, March 13, 2009

Delight in colors!

It really makes me happy to paint with all this bright, bold, sometimes even mismatching (that's a huuuge change for me) colors. And well, some pages makes me more happy than others.

We're starting off with black & white though because I really want to post these in the order I've made them. I used a large needle for my scratching and this page actually makes me happy too, even without colors. It's kind of interesting, that out of the work I've made so far the one that most closely resemble things I paint and draw outside this journal is something scratched with a needle. LOL

Some pages makes me happier than others and this is one of those. I really like this page for a reason I can't even explain to myself. It's just a happy page!

All of the stripes symbolizes something. First we have water followed by stone/rock. The rainbow symbolizes dream, fantasy and the inner spirit. Next comes fire followed by flowers for the nature, air and finally earth (with small tufts of grass). And above them all, love of course!

It didn't actually bother me to rip this page up, even if it's happy page. I guess one reason is that even though the things the symbolizes might be ripped apart from time to time love still ties them together.

And of course, having this page as the next one in the journal also helped, since I knew I would be able to fix what was broken.

I kept the edges still loose since I wanted to keep the ripped feeling and they're just fastened with glue dots to give a less than permanent touch to it as well (even thought the glue dots are the permanent kind)

This page I like just for the pretty and matching colors. LOL I'm sucker for matching colors.

I have a very sensitive color eye which means that I can tell very vague hues apart. This makes me sensitive to mismatching colors even down to hue level and I REALLY hate being surrounded by ugly or boring colors . So working with bright, bold, mismatching colors and actually LIKING it IS a big thing to me.


Uniflame said...

I love them all! Your wrecking is just so pretty!

As for color theme's, they say I have eye for color. But I have no problem using all the colors of the rainbow XD I guess that is because I pick the colors on intuation a lot of times. So if I picked the color combinations, I am sure there must be a reason behind it :)

Annefia said...


I believe if you have an eye for color you usually DO pick the right ones on "intuition". The way I see it an eye for color is just as much a talent as an ear for music.

But it's of course easier to pick the right colors if you've got a more varied palette to choose from than felt tip pens. LOL