Saturday, March 14, 2009


I'm absolutely a doodler. I love to doodle on anything I can get my hands on so these exercises were really fun and easy for me.

The text on the "stamp" says: "Pretend you are doodling in the back of an envelope while on the phone.

I did this one while talking to my friend Dustbunnie *waves to Dustbunnie* and I plan to doodle on the opposite page as well, but only while I'm on the phone.

Doodling on top of text was a piece of cake for me as well. While I didn't doodle in my schoolbooks (only in my notebooks) this is not one of my blocks.

I love to doodle these kind of stars/flowers (they actually started back in those notebooks in school maaaaaaany years ago. LOL) but this is actually the first time I've made on in color. I HAD originally planned to use one and the same pen but I just couldn't stop myself. LOL

BTW, in spite of what some teachers and lecturers might think, doodling in the notebooks is actually a GOOD thing. It helps you keep you mind focused on what you're listening to and they also work a bit like taking notes because you can often remember what someone said when you're looking at a particular doodle. Luckily this is something that's been more acknowledged these days.


Uniflame said...

I always doodle when in school. But yeah I havent been to school in ages. It is a long story XD

But yeah I just have to doodle, or else I cant focus.

Annefia said...

I haven't been in school for 20 years, but that's just age related. LOL

Doodling REALLY helps on the focusing.

Anonymous said...

So... I have now officially bought one for my self! I hope I get it this coming week =)

The biggest reason for buying it for myself was Uniflames comment "my journal allows the creativity to flow more, without judgement". This is really what I need to do more too, so this is it! LOL

Annefia said...

Congrats!!! It's a very true comment as well.

Anonymous said...

*waves to Dustbunnie*

Waves back at Annefia.

I was very nice to talk to you. :o)

Annefia said...

I agree!

Just remind me to fill in the empty page next time we talk for an hour or two. LOL