Friday, March 6, 2009


The paper in the book doesn't agree at all with my colors. The felt tipped pens bleed through (can you hear the perfectionist in my crying about this? *giggle*) and it was REALLY hard to create the light washed watercolor background that I had in my mind. As soon as I put the tip of the brush to the paper it said schloooorp and all the water and paint got sucked in to the paper. *arghhhhh* *frustration*

On the other hand, without this problem I would never had invented the "toilet paper painting technique". LOL And without this problem I wouldn't feel tempted to bring out my proper watercolor paper to be able to better carry through my vision. I haven't actually brought it out YET but I'm tempted and I haven't felt tempted to paint with my watercolors for many, many, many years now.

We'll see how this will end. First I need (and WANT) to finish my idea in the journal, I just need the colors to dry completely first before I can continue. Curious? You SHOULD be! LOL


Uniflame said...

Oh yeah, everything leaks through! Wait till you drip your tea over it. The 3 pages behind it will have tea as well ;)

Annefia said...

*shudder* I can imagine that causing a lot of problems (and possible intersting new things as well)