Monday, March 9, 2009

Yesterday's wrecking!

Most of yesterday's wrecking to place in from of Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix (some of it took place in front of an episode of Bones though)

First I started with the page where I was supposed to draw thin and fat lines. For the first pink lines I started out with two different pens stuck together but I didn't like that much how that turned outs so I changed technique.

Then I continued with the left hand exercise. I started by drawing myself and my family (min familj=my family) The fluffy thing above the journal is the little light faced fluff called Duttis. LOL My cats LIKE to be involved with everything I do.

I also tried writing a bit which of course wasn't very easy.

Sigh! To write and draw with the left hand is difficult and my arm is starting to hurt. Writing is absolutely the most difficult.

I feel sorry for all left handed children that was forced to learn to write with the right hand back in the old days. I'm thinking about my grandmother that could write with both hands. I miss her!!!

Ouch my arm hurts! It's a good thing I've run out of paper.

(Just so you know, that last word does NOT mean what you think. LOL It's the Swedish word for end/over/finished)

By now I'd started to feel hungry so it was time for a little snack. Yum!!! LOL

I had dreaded this page a bit since everybody have said that it was so bitter but I just thought it tasted like paper and not much at all so I guess I've been lucky to get a tasteful book. LOL

Finally I ended with painting the edges. I STRONGLY recommend that you start off with this one while the journal is still nice and flat. Here I'm trying to keep it as flat as possible with the help of my twinklings (the shimmering watercolors)

I also thought it could be fun to show how my test-page look so far. I'm actually using to test colors for real.

And last of all a little bonus shot of Duttis. It looks like she's tried to eat a bite of a really bitter book bust she's actually just started to yawn.


Uniflame said...

I love how you did your edges. I had trouble with mine since I took mine into the shower first and then the book was wrecked already.

Also the journal soccer didnt help XD I also like you fat and thin lines page. Much more then mine actually XD I still need to work on that page more ;)

Annefia said...

Thanks! I still had some troubles with my edges and my journal isn't NEARLY as wrecked as yours. This is something that really should be done in the beginning.

I think it's quite okay to back to work on some pages until they feel right. I wasn't happy with my line page at all afte the first pink lines but I was able to sort it out.