Friday, March 20, 2009

The never ending line

Today's challenge was to draw a non stop line (I had to cheat a bit and lift the pen in the middle of the book)

I decide to fill in the figures with pink and green and for some reason this page reminds me of Linneas even if the flower in the page doesn't look AT ALL like Linneas. Linneas are the smallest, most fragile looking flower living in dark spruce woods. It's like a little fairy flower.

And while writing this I really long to take long walks in the woods, which I can't do any more.

It also reminds me about prinsesstårta (=princess cake) a traditional Swedish cake (the green version that is, the pink one must be a new invention). I rather long for a piece of cake than for a walk in the woods. LOL


Uniflame said...

It looks nice :)

Annefia said...

Thanks! I like it too.